Data Glossary is an extension that helps to share knowledge about the data within the company. The key features are: 

  • user comments
  • tagging columns with sensitive data (GDPR, HIPPA, PII, ..)
  • appointing the Data stewards.

How to create Data Glossary?

In the dashboard select a SQL batch you are interested in. Then switch the tab and click on the Build Data Glossary button.

Data glossary will be automatically populated by the complete database model found in the uploaded SQL batch.

How to keep Data Glossary up to date?

When you upload another SQL batch with the same name as beforehand the glossary will be automatically refreshed. No additional action is needed.

Will the user comments disappear with new SQL upload?

All user comments are permanent and won't be overwritten when Glossary is refreshed.

How to insert the user comments?

Simply select any database object like table or column and insert your comment.

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