A complex lineage can be hard to navigate because too many relations between columns are present. With a full-text search you can narrow down the visualisation.

How does it work?

  1. pick any column/table and display the lineage
  2. enter search condition into a full-text field
  3. SQL statements will be search and visualisation will be restricted to those matching the search condition


Raw SQL statements

insert into accounts (acc_id)
select acc_id
from transactions
where acc_type = 'CARD';
insert into accounts (acc_id)
select acc_id
from applications
where acc_type = 'LOAN';

A) Data lineage (no filtering applied)

B) Data lineage with a filtering condition

Goal is to visualise only SQL statements matching the LOAN keyword.

Result with the filtered lineage

Table DWH.TRANSACTIONS is not displayed in the visualisation.

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