Dashboard is the main page and it gives you a quick access to several areas like:

  • uploads management
  • team management
  • account settings

Uploads management

Dashboard is divided by products into 2 main sections: QueryFlow and QueryScope

All you batches are located in the dashboard. Based on its sharing settings the batches are located either in Private or Shared section.

Private section

Only you can see the list of your private batches. However everybody from the same team can see the visualisation if you send them the direct link.

The batch will be moved to Shared section if you click on the sharing icon located on each card.

Shared section

All users from the same team see all batches located in the Shared section. Only the batch owner or team admin can toggle the batch sharing and thus placing it back to Private section.

Team management

In upper right corner is the menu for team management. You can send invites or remove access or cancel pending invites. You can also grant/revoke admin permissions here.

Note: all users can see the page with team management however only the admin can make changes.

Account settings

For changing your password or signing out see the menu in upper right corner when in dashboard.

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