Aim of our service is to replace manual SQL code analysis. Our SQL parser reverse engineers SQL syntax and captures the dependencies in it.

Generally speaking any valid SQL query successfully executed  on your database is expected to be processed by our SQL parser as well.

Supported database dialects

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server (incl. Azure)
  • Teradata
  • Redshift
  • Postgres (experimental)

note: contact us if are interested in implementing different DB dialect

Supported SQL syntax

DML Statements

All DML statements with an impact on data lineage are supported. There are no restrictions on how the query should look like. You are free to use nested subselects, aliases, use alternative ways how to express joins such LEFT JOIN  vs (+) , use cross database references, etc.


DDL statements

All relevant DDL statements are supported. This includes:

  • table definitions (incl. CREATE TABLE AS SELECT )
  • view definitions (incl. CREATE VIEW AS SELECT )
  • database links
  • object synonyms

Primary aim of our service is to track data lineage. Therefore you can pass UPDATE STATISTICS  but we have nothing interesting to extract and visualise from it.

note: we had zero request for TRIGGERS so they are being ignored by SQL parser

Stored procedures and functions

Procedural code is within scope however limitations exists of what part of such code is parsed/analysed. Overall the SQLdep is:

  • the best option for ETL based on procedural code
  • not suited for transactional system

Transactional systems typically perform single row operation while using heavy logic hidden in procedural code. In contrast ETL jobs are using stored procedures with complex SQL statements and are performing "bulk" loads.

HINT: feel free to discuss specifics of your procedural code with our support 

Dynamic SQL

Parsing dynamic queries is out-of-scope for our SQL parser. You can overcome this problem by logging dynamic queries and thus changing them into static ones. In that case you would upload stored procedure + logged queries.

Syntax enhancements & tech support

We guarantee to support any SQL syntax used by our customers. This claim is backed by automated detection of any unsupported syntax. Engineering team gets notified and enhancements are commonly implemented within 2 days.

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