Creating a new user account

You can create your own account after visiting our homepage and clicking  Signup  button.

The other option is to receive an invite from somebody who wishes you to join his team. In such case you received an email with the invite link in it.

Team assigment

All user accounts are automatically assigned to a team. 

In case you open a new user account you became an admin  and your own team is created. Being an admin gives you option to grant or revoke access to other users.

note: you can change the team only if you have received an email invite

Team management

You can manage the access on a team page (for registered users only). 

As a member  you can:

  • view a list of team-members and permission settings

As an admin  you have additional actions:

  •  send email invites so others can join your team
  • you can revoke the access to your team
  • you can grant admin  permission within the team


Once you invite somebody he will receive an email. Until he clicks on the invite link you can see invite status as pending . In such case you can cancel the invite before accepting.

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